00Box Herbal Storage Box with Resin Extraction Screen

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The 00Box Herbal Storage Box with Resin Extraction Screen

The 00BOX is made of cedar wood. We have chosen cedar wood to make our special product as it’s the best of the noble woods to cure plant matter. i.e. not porous but at the same time allows the plant matter to obtain the aroma and flavour of the wood, increasing its qualities. The 00BOX has a 130 micron silk screen in its bottom which only allows the mature glands to filter into the drawer situated below.

So that the plant matter does not lose its taste and aroma, we have incorporated to the 00BOX a hygrometer to monitor the humidity and a humidifier to control it. A small sponge provides the necessary humidity. The ideal humidity is approx 60%.

Extra Info


Small: H-10cm x L-25cm x W-17.5cm

Medium: H-10cm x L-33cm x W-22cm 

Large: H-10cm x L-47cm x W-32cm



Medium: 2875g

Large: 4600g


UK Delivery

  • DPD Service Next Business Day by 5.30 p.m. is £6.00 
  • Track & Trace - Royal Mail Next Day Service is £6.00


  • DPD Service - Europe four day service is £15.00 

Worldwide Delivery (Outside Europe) 

  • International Signed For™ (registered) delivery is £12.50 
  • UPS Service - Four Day Service is £25.00

* Special Delivery & UPS options also available. See Shipping Rates for more details.
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