Industrial Hemp Facts

We recommend the Award-winning documentary 'The Union: The Business Behind Getting High' which you can find on our main Facts page, however for quick Industrial Hemp facts read below:

Firstly, there are issues that have caused the confusion for the hemp movement, so it is important to clarify them here. Both hemp and marijuana are members of the same species, Cannabis sativa. This does not make them the same plant. Think of a beagle and a Saint Bernard - both Canis familiaris, but with utterly different looks, capabilities and personalities. So it is with hemp and marijuana. 

Hemp is a stalky crop that has been grown for its fiber and edible seed for millennia; it is incapable of getting you stoned. Marijuana is a bushy form of cannabis that has been grown for its psycho-active and medicinal properties for an equally long time. The two are different plants.

1) Saving the Forest - The industrial world's hunger for wood has already destroyed 97% of the mature forests of North America and the rest of the world's forest are following close behind. Not only are forests the key to preventing loss of topsoil and pollution of waterways, they are also home to most of the world's terrestrial species and source of much of the world's oxygen. 

Half the trees cut down are used to make paper products, yet hemp could provide for all of our paper needs. An acre of hemp yield four times as much fiber as an acre of trees, an no wildlife is destroyed in the process. With hemp we can feed our paper industry and let the forest regenerate at the same time. 

2) Paper For the Long Haul - Hemp was the world's first source of paper, invented in China around 100 B.C. two-thousand-year-old pieces of hemp paper have stood the test of time, a feat far beyond the capabilities of wood pulp paper. In fact, if wood pulp had been the source of paper throughout history, it is terrifying to think of history and literature we would know nothing about, for - until the development of acid-free paper - wood pulp paper disintegrated after little more than a century. A return to hemp paper would make acid-free paper process unnecessary. Hemp paper is also stronger than wood pulp paper, naturally pliable, and partially water-resistant.

More to follow.

Extracted from  - The Hemp Manifesto, 101 Ways That Hemp Can Save Our World.

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