General Ganja Facts

We recommend the Award-winning documentary 'The Union: The Business Behind Getting High' which you can find on our main Facts page, however for quick General Ganja facts, read below:

1) The Hindu pantheon is presided over by Shiva, the god of creation, destruction, and bliss. Shiva's affinity for cannabis is so well known that he is commonly called 'Lord of Bhang' (bhang is a drink made of cannabis leaves). Hindus believe that to smoke cannabis is to commune with Shiva, to draw close to the joy of creation. And who's to say their wrong?

2) The Buddhist sect known as Tantra, currently gaining popularity in the West, has for millennia practiced religious rites in which cannabis played a key role. Tantra advocates embrace sensual activities such as eating and sex as a way of freeing yourself from your conscious mind and realizing your one-ness with all of creation. Tantric practitioners generally begin by smoking or imbibing cannabis. This allows them to immerse themselves in the experiences to come and thus achieve higher states of spirituality. 

3) Rastafarianism - The heart and soul of the Rastafarian religion is their use of ganja. Characteristic qualities of cannabis use pervade all spiritual and sociological aspects of Rastafarianism emphasis on inner truth and the cultivation of wisdom, daily meditation, a strong sense of community tolerance of others and a love of music and other pleasures. Ganja also forms a direct link to Rastafarianism's roots in spiritual traditions of Africa, which used cannabis in identical ways.

4) The Ethiopian Zion Coptic Church traces its use of cannabis in religious practices back more than 2'000 years. Though originally persecuted by the U.S. government for it's use of cannabis as a holy sacrament, the church fought in court for it's right to use a plant that was part of its religion and won. This opened the door for others whose religious rights have been similarly quashed, such as the Navajo Nation, which recently was allowed to use peyote in its religious ceremonies.

More to follow.

Extracted from  - The Hemp Manifesto, 101 Ways That Hemp Can Save Our World.

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