About Us

What is 420 Fortunes?

420 Fortunes is an online head shop specializing in providing the highest quality, most sought-after and loved products in the vast smoke culture. We have an enormous variety of products which range from high-tech vaporizers, to bongs, grinders, rolling papers, stash jars and cannabis seeds (for collection only). We also sell a wide range of eco-friendly hemp products like organic hemp food, hemp clothing and hemp bags.


The idea for 420 Fortunes was conceived by Matthew Springer on April 17th 2012 in his 3rd year of law school, but it was inspired by his first company Irie Organics which provided the right opportunities and learning curves which made 420 Fortunes possible. Irie Organics was launched at the age of 20 and 420 Fortunes at the age of 22. You can follow Matt here: @matthewspringer.

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