Sea Shepherd

Here we have the new 2013 Sea Shepherd clothing range. Hemp Hoodlamb have teamed up with Sea Shepherd and done a very awesome collaberation, with exclusively designed pieces of these fantastic eco-friendly clothes. You may have heard from Sea Shepherd from their very popular show Whale Wars which airs on National Geographic and the Discovery Channel.

This winter range includes the Sea Shepherd x Hoodlamb Men's Classic Jacket, the Hemp Hoodlamb x 'Sea Shepherd Divine Wind' Ladies Classic jacket, the Mens Sea Shepherd Long Coat, the Sea Shepherd Furry Hoody and the normal zip-up Sea Shepherd zip-up Hoodies. It also has the Sea Shepherd accessories like the Sea Shepherd Ladies Ruderalis hat, the Mens Sea Shepherd hats and the Sea Shepherd junior mits and ruderalis hat.

As with the Hemp Hoodlamb range, these jackets are treated with organic hemp cellulose and are wind and water-proof. All other brilliant features in their Hoodlamb counterparts are present in these with custom Sea Shepherd embroidery. For instance the patented hemp 

Most importantly, for every purchase of a Hemp Hoodlamb x Sea Shepherd item, a contribution is made straight to charity. For example, for every purchase of a Sea Shepherd Classic jacket or a Ladies 'Divine Wind' jacket, we donate 40€ to the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society which in turn helps them with their incredible mission. You can learn more about Sea Shepherd here.

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