RooR Bongs

Known as the Rolex's of Waterpipes, we RooR bongs. Each of these premium boro silicate glass bongs are beautifully hand-made by aritsans who have spent generations making glass, especially scientific glass for those who are passionate about quality. The aim is to make beautiful, aesthetically pleasing pieces of art,  that work as well as they look. The result is, they do, and the proof is in the pudding. These iconic RooR bongs have featured in countless movies of all genres, and reside in almost every dorm room and college campus. They are favored by famous olympians and world stars alike. 

This range includes the RooR Bong Rasta Logo series, the IceMaster RooR bongs, 7mm bongs and 5mm bongs, the 500 series, the RooR Blue Series and the FairMaster RooR bongs. They also have introduced the beaker styled bongs like the Little Sista which allow for more coolant which cools your smoke.

Lest we forget, (as can happen) RooR have also just released the RooR vaporizers! These bad-boys are the most innovative vaporizers in the entire industry and probably the nicest ever made. RooR vaporizers carry the same prestige and quality, which make them so reverred around the world

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