Hemp Hoodlamb Women

Feast your eyes on the new Hemp Hoodlamb Ladies Collection. This new 2014/15 Hoodlamb range includes the brand new Hemp Hoodlamb Ladies Parka, the iconic Ladies Hemp Hoodlamb Classic Jacket, the lovely Hemp Hoodlamb Ladies Long Coat and the super comfy Hemp Hoodlamb hoodies. As for the Hoodlamb accessories, we have the new Ladies Hemp Hoodlamb Ruderalis Hats, the Hoodlamb mits and Hoodlamb Earmuffs.

As always, these are designed with cutting-edge technology and have featured patents in your clothing. These are made from organic cotton and hemp, and the shell on the Hoodlamb jackets are treated with organic hemp cellulose and as a result, these hemp winter jackets are water and wind-proof. The jackets also feature the raved about Satifur, an animal-free fur, better known as faux fur is used and this fur is luxuriously soft and yet very breathable whilst keeping you so warm. It has also been patented and is made exclusively for Hoodlamb so you won't find this eco-friendly quality anywhere else.  

And most importantly, we must point out we have the new Sea Shepherd collection. Hemp Hoodlamb have once again teamed up with Sea Shepherd to create custom made jackets. For every purchase of a Sea Shepherd piece, a portion of that sale is donated straight to the Sea Shepherd Charity. 

This Sea Shepherd collection includes the Ladies Sea Shepherd 'Divine Wind' Classic jacket & the ladies zip-up hoody. You can see the full Hemp Hoodlamb x Sea Shepherd collection by itself here.

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