Hemp Hoodlamb Men

Hemp Hoodlamb for a long time have produced some of the finest eco-friendly clothing, which are well-suited for everyday use whilst at the same time  sustaining a very high quality feel & look. Designed in Amsterdam, Hemp Hoodlamb has been admired for it's superb pieces like the Men's Hoodlamb Classic jacket, the Hoodlamb Long P-Coat, the Hoodlamb Furry Hoody and the Hoodlamb Tech 4-20 jacket which is a massive favorite with many customers.

Hemp has for a long time been recognized as one of the most useful, eco-friendly plants on this Earth. This is because to grow hemp, there is zero need for herbicides, pesticides and fertilizers. Hemp is also superb quality for those who respect quality and feel as hemp fabric is hypo-allergenic, non-irritating to the skin and is extremely durable and breathable.

The exterior fabric on Hoodlamb's has been treated with a new eco-friendly Hemp Cellulose water and wind-resistant treatment which keeps you well protected from wet, windy conditions. There is also more technology involved, the interior lining for Hoodlamb encompasses a patented faux fur which is designed and produced exclusively for Hoodlamb. This is cruelty free fur, extremely soft and breathable, whilst maintaining great quality.

Hoodlamb clothing is also packed with cool features like secret stash pockets, faux fur-lined handwarmers, microfiber lined sunglasses pockets, custom zippers and much more. To top it all of, your Hemp Hoodlamb purchases arrive in a HempHoodlamb box made from 85% recycled paper with hemp cord handles. It doesn't get any better than that, so get your new Hoodlamb piece here. You are sure to love it. And if you haven't seen our new 2012/13 Hoodlamb x Sea Shepherd winter collection, view here  ;)

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