Put away those scissors! We have some of the best herb grinders available on the planet. We have the infamous Space Case grinder collection. The Space Case grinders include the space case crystal catcher, the titanium crystal catcher, the space case magnet grinder, the space case scout grinder and the space case pollen press.

We also have the Quick Herb grinder, which are classic grinders for the starters. The Quick Herb grinders have five different colors to choose from.

NEW! We are very pleased to be now stocking the legendary EasyLeaf electric grinder! This is a huge favorite and is spreading like wildfire. It is the only electric grinder specifically designed to separate the pollen material from the dried herb! The EasyLeaf electric grinder uses patented blade technology, whilst separating the flower heads or heavier herb material. Yea we know... your scissors are no longer appealing. It's okay, our grinders work way better ;)

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